PURPOSE: The Movement | “No Pressure” “No Sense” “The Feeling” Review Links

Links to some of the things we talk about in our review of “Sorry” from Justin Bieber’s visual album.


Article on Krumping on screen: “Faces, Close-ups and Choreography: A Deleuzian Critique of So You Think You Can Dance” by Sherril Dodds and Colleen Hooper:  http://screendancejournal.org/article/view/4524#.Vk6IkBCrSRs

Krump Battle at SDK 2013

Camera Movement in YouTube Dance Video

“Ghost Dancing”

Gene Kelly in Cover Girl

Playlist with other historical examples: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmIlprdZcMY7vEZzLiZBxgYNY6uxk2p9V

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