YouTube Gem: Numbers in Action

My friend, colleague, and current Hip-Hop dance instructor Abby Zbikowski (more on the class soon) has been playing a number of songs this term that are really hype, and after this one had been in my head all day, I decided to use are good friend Google and track (no pun intended, actually) it down.

I just wanted to listen to it, but turns out it has a kind of rad, though subtle, music video. Check it out:

I think what I like about it is it’s self-reflexivity and that it’s not taking itself to seriously. I also LOVE repetition, so I dig that here. My one critique is that it does look a wee bit like ‘fun with Final-Cut’ but actually even with all of the editing tricks I still was surprised/interested for the duration.

Fave moment, probably: seeing him jump through the blocks. You know it’s gonna happen, but you can’t exactly gauge when, so there was a great kinesthetic unease/excitement waiting for it. OOH. Also, the sign “this is just a music video.” Interesting, right? I think any of us in the biz of talking about representation would say that nothing is “just” anything…but there’s something nice about that assertion.

The directors, the collaboration Us have a graphic design background, no big surprise there once you know! It’s got great design, especially in its attention to font, color, and spacing.

…I wanna see $$$$ I wanna see ££££…

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