Sammy Davis Jr. Says ‘Boogaloo’

Sorry for the spoiler of a post title–I’ve been watching the second season of I Dream of Jeannie on Hulu the last few days, and I just watched the episode “The Greatest Entertainer In The World” which originally aired February 2, 1967, which features the one and only Sammy Davis Jr.  You can watch it here if you’re interested.

He mostly sings in this episode, (which is interesting because I think of him first and foremost as a tap dancer, and forget about the ‘entertainer’ bit). What stood out is that halfway through the episode, he comments that he’d like to go someplace where the girls are doing the monkey and the boogaloo!

The Boogaloo! In 1967! I didn’t realize that term was already in use at that time. In the 1980s it was used, somewhat mistakenly, as a catch all for what we now mostly call the Funk Styles (i.e. Popping and Locking). Boogaloo is neither one nor the other, and definitely not useful as an umbrella term. Rather, Boogaloo, like so many other individual dances that got integrated into specific styles, has a long independent history. One that, apparently, goes back to at least 1967.

How ’bout that.

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